"Kuris" is a Visayan word for scribble/sketch/doodles and "Lapis" on the other hand is a Cebuano/Tagalog word for pencil. In short, "KURIS-LAPIS" is basically an art blog of but not limited to pencil sketches and doodles.

Pencil is the simplest medium yet it could create the most complicated artwork once a person with creative minds handles it.

Why "Kuris"? Usually, I draw aimlessly at first. Meaning, I start drawing without a planned visualization of ideas. ^_^ I normally draw without any idea 'haha' so most of the time, as if extracting ideas, I point my pencil in a paper and then start scribbling or making lines. Doing this is like sharpening pencils... Eerrrr should I say, B-R-A-I-N.

So what to find here?

Doodles, Scribbles, Sketches, Drawings....

Dogs and cats as well.

Most of all, someday,  I hope you would try to discover the person behind the sketches and drawings. ME. 
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