The birth of "Hitome" was on November 26, 2004 after joining DEVIANTART but the person behind the nickname is actually born on the 8th of November. Obviously, she loves anime and the likes. Actually she is kind of addicted to anime and it has influenced her a lot in drawing. But the person who was her first influenced was her brother.

She uses Pencil, Pen, Watercolor and Oil Pastel as her medium. Aside from art, she loves playing guitar, listening to music and gardening. She has a fetish for Hydrangeas. 

She loves riding on her Japan-inspired bicycle!
Dogs are so adorable. She can't help but fall for them.

Well, she's not really good in words so that's all she can share for now. Hope the pictures indeed "can paint a thousand words" to express who she really is. Ne?

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