Friday, June 2, 2017


Basketball? Who doesn't love basketball? Coming from a country who loves the sport so much you can see a basketball court in every Barangay (sometimes even in an alley or street corner or a basketball ring on houses nailed on its wall ), I grew up watching the sport. I remember watching PBA championship between Alaska and my favorite team Sunkist with my entire family. I was rooting for my favorite local team with my favorite players Vergel Meneses, Boybits Victoria, Kenneth Duremdes & Bonel Balingit. That was in 1995 (if I am not mistaken) and I was only a young child. 

But since Japanese Animation and I met, basketball was set aside and anime became my addiction. And then, K-DRAMA and of course my oppa Lee Joon Gi! But I believe my love for Basketball is never lost. 

It was proven when I started watching NBA in late 2015. Call me a bandwagon (I don't care!), but one player rekindled my love for basketball. It was STEPHEN CURRY. 

It is his faith and how bold he is in professing it that has pointed me back to Basketball. I got curious as to who is this guy who is a two-time NBA MVP (back to back and unanimous)

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