Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Leo is <3. 

Just won an Oscar recently! AT LAST! I have been a fan of him since Titanic! I was only 12 at that time but I had this crush on Leonardo, fell in love with his character, Jack. I was broken hearted together with Rose and grieved over his death. 

I loved him as Jack in Titanic. I loved him even more in Blood diamond and I loved him most in the movie The Revenant. But what affected me most was his movie "The Departed" with Matt Damon. His death was really shocking. It was very unexpected that I was still emotionally affected for a week! His character was shot instantly! Bang! Just like that!

Congratulations Leonardo!

About the drawing:

It's so inspiring and motivating to draw someone as handsome as Leonardo. I just can't stop staring at the reference photo on my phone. 

This is my second, ah! no, third watercolor portrait and I think I've improved a lot. And I am just glad! :-D

I had stated in my last blog post that I had difficulty stretching the paper of my previous portrait. It was really a struggle. I watched a video tutorial and the wowan in the video uses a gummed tape. I couldn't find it in any store in our city so I tried looking it up in online stores.  I found out searching at Lazada that it is not available for cash on delivery since the supply is from abroad. Sadly, I found out it's a bit expensive for an amateur artist like me and  I can't seem to order it online because I don't have a credit card yet. I felt hopeless! The masking tape I previously used could not hold the paper and thus, it ruined it. Then I remembered my officemates who told me many months ago about a video she saw regarding the many uses of binder clips. Then *click* IDEA! Why not?

I bought 2 dozens of binder clips and a board that I cut by sewing it so that it will fit the size of the paper. Then voila! Effective! Binder clips are very useful in stretching the watercolor paper. 

So here's my work table. It is so messy! :P 

And here's how it progressed:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Shin Se-kyung as Boon-yi of Six Flying Dragons
Water Color Art

Shin Se-kyung is a Korean Actress. I first saw her in the korean series Queen Seondok which is one of my all time favorite korean series along with Jumong and Jewel in the palace. She's very pretty and a good Hallyu actress. She also starred in the series "When a Man Falls In Love" together with Song Seung-heon. The last korean series I saw that she starred was "The Girl Who Sees Smell" together with Yoochun.

At present, her tv series entitled "Six Flying Dragons" is being aired in South Korea. She played the role of Boon-yi. I still need to watch it though. I'm just waiting for the series to end before watching it from the very beginning. Episode 44 was aired last March 1, 2016. The tv series has 50 episodes. Therefore, there are only 6 more episodes to go!

About the artwork:

It was my first time to use a watercolor paper. I watched a Youtube tutorial on how to stretch the paper. I tried to imitate diligently what's on the video. I only have one problem. I do not have a gum tape which is used to hold the paper from each corner. In the end, when the paper dries up, it recoiled back to it's original size, leaving some  wavy part on the sides. All in all, it was still okay. I'll try to do better next time! 

Need to hunt and forage every art supplies or school supplies store just to find a gum tape! 

Here's how it progressed!

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