Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It is so easy to commit mistakes, sometimes unexpectedly and unintentionally. We are humans after all. We are not perfect. But to admit ones error, to swallow up pride and humble one’s self is never easy. It is so hard, matter of fact.

That is why I admire this man for owning up to his mistake. I can just imagine how he must have felt upon realizing that he has committed an error. Oh what terror he must have felt! His heart probably was racing crazily and it must have been painful. The sound of his heartbeat must have been louder than the shouts and claps and the noise the people were making at that moment; his heartbeat was the only sound he can hear. If I was him, I would certainly want to run and hide. I would be very scared to face the crowd and would be racking my brain on what to do! I would be very angry at myself for such failure. It must have been a struggle.

I watched and re-watched that moment when he walked back to the stage. It seems he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. His knees were weak. Every step he took probably was a struggle but went back to the stage anyway. Gone was the playful/humorous host. I only saw a person who looks defeated, as if he was walking to the gallows.

Although there were only two direct victims – the winner Miss Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and First runner-up Arriadna Guttierez - in his blunder yet he has to apologize in front of millions of people – those who were able to watch it live and those who were watching Miss Universe 2015 on their televisions at home. There were 80 contestants after all. 80 beautiful ladies who represented 80 countries with millions or billion population who were probably watching the contest.

It took a lot of courage to go back to that stage and it took much more courage to open up his mouth and say his apologies. I salute him for that!

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