Sunday, September 27, 2015


For my beloved Lee Joon Gi, I hope this will cheer him up. I've heard that after his series "Scholar Who Walks the Night", he posted on his twitter that he feels empty. That is what he usually feels every time his project ended, no matter how successful it is. He is a people-pleaser, that's why and you really see that he is doing his best with his acting because he VALUES his fans so much! (Thank you, Joon-gi). That is good but it often lead him to depression because of course, nobody can please everybody.

By the way, Scholar Who Walks the Night is a Korean series aired
July 8, 2015 to September 10, 2015 which is based on a Manhwa or a Korean comics. In this series, Lee Joon Gi plays the role of Kim Sung-yeol, a mysterious scholar during the Joseon Dynasty. He is a human-turned-vampire and one of the key person in the secret plan to kill Gwi - the vampire who rules over the king of Joseon.

Lee Joon Gi is an award-winning Korean actor, recently awarded as "Outstanding Korean Actor" during the 10th Seoul International Drama Awards for his series "Joseon Gunman" in 2014. He has lead in many series. His rise to stardom started in the movie "The King and the the Clown" which surpassed and BROKE THE RECORD of the 10 million viewer mark. The unknown actor immediately became popular not only in Korea but also overseas. And the rest is history! :)

About my drawing:

Drawing Lee Joon Gi is a great pleasure. Staring at his beautiful face in the reference picture most of the time, kyaaaaa! *I'm blushing* He' s very handsome. 

So here's how I drew him. I started drawing a vertical and horizontal line (*cross) and a circle as a guide. (Drawing side-view is a bit difficult but never give up!) I drew from the left eye to the right, then the brows and the nose down to his pretty lips. ^___^ I then sketched the whole face and then his hair as seen in the first photo below. Once everything is in place, I then started to shade the dark area first (hat and hair). For dark areas, I used powdered 8B and 6B Staedtler pencil. To powder, I used a sandpaper to sharpened the pencil. I took my brush and dipped it on the powder then apply it on paper.

Gently apply. Don't be in a hurry. Never rush or you'll turn it into a big mess. That is what I learned. Drawings takes a lot of patience and if you are not patient enough, it will be obvious in your drawing. Watching the sketch or outline come to life is a bliss! 

Don't color the light areas. Just leave them white. For highlights especially with the hair, I used kneaded eraser. You can shape it to get a thin line and then erase. So tsadan~!!! It is finally finish!

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