Sunday, September 27, 2015


For my beloved Lee Joon Gi, I hope this will cheer him up. I've heard that after his series "Scholar Who Walks the Night", he posted on his twitter that he feels empty. That is what he usually feels every time his project ended, no matter how successful it is. He is a people-pleaser, that's why and you really see that he is doing his best with his acting because he VALUES his fans so much! (Thank you, Joon-gi). That is good but it often lead him to depression because of course, nobody can please everybody.

By the way, Scholar Who Walks the Night is a Korean series aired

Monday, September 21, 2015


EQUILIBRIUM: Life in the Marsh

My official entry for our group's upcoming exhibit entitled "Baglis Hong Agusanon" this September 26, 2015. I'm so excited because it would be my first to participate in an exhibit and showcase my artwork. I'm also inspired to see the artworks of my fellow artists, especially those of the younger ones. 
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