Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I tried drawing this using charcoal pencil and using "grid lines" last night. Using grid is not the drawing guide I'm used to. 

It was a failure.

Since I'm not use to it, I didn't know where to start. I find it very distracting. Yeah, the problem is not the use of grid but me. Haha! I can't work with too many things on my table, much more on the paper itself no matter how equally measured and organized the lines are. I easily get annoyed and impatient. For many artists, grid helps them a lot in making more realistic portrait. If you want to make more precise drawings, use grid! And I want to, really want to, make HYPER-REALISTIC art. I admired many artists who are really good and they're using grid. I want to draw just like them. I want to improve BUT...! Simply put, I still have to get use to it. I must practice more using it because I am well aware that by using grid, regardless of my mood, the quality of my drawing will be consistent.

To make the story short, I ended up flipping another page of my sketchbook. In my frustration, I took my Unipin .4 and drew this as if I don't care. It's not precised, yes, but at least I was able to finish a drawing in 40 minutes!

Monday, July 13, 2015


JASON DY. Oh what can I say!

Yes, I am a fan. There's no point in hiding or denying it. A Certified Dyfender and a proud cousin/relative of Jase. I haven't met him in person though but I feel a connection to him not just because we came from the same clan - the Bokingo Clan - but because of music. I am a singer myself but not as talented and confident as Jason. Oh how I wish I have just a little of his confidence and his dancing moves! (Let me draw! Let me sing! Let me write! But arrgh! Please, oh please, never let me dance! ^ ____^  )

I've been following this guy since I first saw him on The Voice Philippines. I like his voice - simple yet there's something in it that makes the hearers "kilig". If I hadn't learn he is my cousin, I would really fall for him. Proud of him, I spent a lot for load in order to vote! Hahaha! It's not just because he is a relative and a fellow Agusanon; it's not just because he is SUPER NEAT-LOOKING and charming young lad; I believe in his talent.  I really do. I hope
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