Monday, May 4, 2015


I was overwhelmed when I read in  GUHIT PINAS - AGUSAN that I am the Champion. Here's the post:

Good day GP Agusan Artists!
Here are the lucky winners of the GP Agusan Collaboration Artwork of Cara Delevigne. We the admins as judges decided to chose these winners according to the criteria that follows.

Use charcoal pencil on the artwork.
1. Neatness 30%

2. Accuracy 40%
3. Visual Impact 30%.

With respect to the artworks that were submitted to us, we carefully judge the drawings for us to give a just and reasonable decision.

We chose her artwork as the champion since it displays a great form of neatness and visual impact in accordance to the reference given. It also exhibit an excellent accuracy with the proper details, shading, skin toning, hair strands and the proper contrast of the artwork.
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