Thursday, April 16, 2015


I hope you'll read this.

I kinda feel pity for Floyd Mayweather. Although he won, he didn't receive the applause of the crowd! Surely, even in his victory, people will still continue to criticize him. Will he enjoy winning this fight? I doubt!

I am so proud of you, our champ! Watching you pointing those letters in your shirt which says (if I have read it right) "Jesus is the Name of the Lord" during the beginning of the fight made me so happy! You are really a changed man. You no longer want the honor for yourself but want to glorify God.

Your lost does not disqualify you in honoring the Lord! I believe God is even more please by how humbly you accepted your defeat even though you believe it was you who won. Watching your smile before the fight is so heartwarming! I said to myself, "That's the man who has the joy of the Lord, and that joy will never be shaken or taken away whatever the result!" I was right! Watching you smiling even though you lost! You are a real champion!

So don't be dismayed! I know you were planning to share the goodness of God to Floyd after you won but you lost. And surely, some people will point out changing religion is a contributor to your loss.


Sunday, April 12, 2015


This is my entry for the Collaboration/Art Contest in our group Guhit Pinas - Agusan wherein any member who is interested to join can, and will have to draw a certain reference provided by the group Administrator. For this Collaboration, a photo of Cara Delevigne was chosen as a reference. About 10 members in the group participated.

 I'm still a newbie in the Charcoal pencil medium so
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