Monday, March 23, 2015


85 % progress
Meet Baby Matthew, my godson. What!? I am already a godparent? Can no longer hide my age! Whew!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Whoever did this horrendous thing must be a monster with strong jaws and fangs! I woke up this morning and stepped on something! I looked down and found out it were my precious erasers shredded into pieces! I picked them up and went back inside my room to look for the pencil case where I put those erasers and was shocked to discover that it was no longer on the table! I remembered I placed it on the table yesterday morning! But it's already gone! I went downstairs looking for the pencil case! Inside it were my kneaded erasers, charcoal pencils and ink pens which I haven't used yet. I bought them from National Bookstore (NBS)-Manila and some from Davao. Those materials were not so easily available where I live that's why I haven't used them yet.

My sister told me she rescued my art materials from our dog last night. She said, "Oh I thought they were JUST pencils!" Ugghh! NO sister! They aren't just pencils! They are my

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Do you know that the word "Koi" in Japanese means LOVE??? This is a snapshot of a painting I'm working on. I am very much fascinated with Koi Fish. 

Monday, March 2, 2015


This guy? He is not world renown but he is so dear to me and I held him so close to my heart. I love him so dearly! 
If you would ask me who has influenced me first in drawing or in art, THIS GUY IS THE CULPRIT! He is my brother, our eldest and one and only big bro! He is 10 years older than me but the age gap was not a hindrance. I was very close to this guy that I thought if he had not told me (a little bit harshly) that day to stop following him, maybe I am now a tomboy. ^_^ I used to tail him whenever and wherever he went. But of course, adolescent stage came, his world widened and maybe at that time already found a girl he liked. It would be a minus to his "macho" figure if his little sister keeps on following him, right? My little heart was crushed and decided to stop following him. Yet, I still adore him, so much! He studied in a trade school during high school. In that school, they were taught drawing, painting, drafting, lettering, and even welding. I saw some of his projects. One was a compilation of his works. I remember he
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