Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It is so easy to commit mistakes, sometimes unexpectedly and unintentionally. We are humans after all. We are not perfect. But to admit ones error, to swallow up pride and humble one’s self is never easy. It is so hard, matter of fact.

That is why I admire this man for owning up to his mistake. I can just imagine how he must have felt upon realizing that he has committed an error. Oh what terror he must have felt! His heart probably was racing crazily and it must have been painful. The sound of his heartbeat must have been louder than the shouts and claps and the noise the people were making at that moment; his heartbeat was the only sound he can hear. If I was him, I would certainly want to run and hide. I would be very scared to face the crowd and would be racking my brain on what to do! I would be very angry at myself for such failure. It must have been a struggle.

I watched and re-watched that moment when he walked back to the stage. It seems he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. His knees were weak. Every step he took probably was a struggle but went back to the stage anyway. Gone was the playful/humorous host. I only saw a person who looks defeated, as if he was walking to the gallows.

Although there were only two direct victims – the winner Miss Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and First runner-up Arriadna Guttierez - in his blunder yet he has to apologize in front of millions of people – those who were able to watch it live and those who were watching Miss Universe 2015 on their televisions at home. There were 80 contestants after all. 80 beautiful ladies who represented 80 countries with millions or billion population who were probably watching the contest.

It took a lot of courage to go back to that stage and it took much more courage to open up his mouth and say his apologies. I salute him for that!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Here's a drawing I made for a friend. Her name is Xiao Prieto.  She's a fellow artist. I've known her through Deviantart.com and she's also a Filipino - from the City of Davao. Since then, we communicated and we even met personally when I went to Davao for a seminar.

What I like about her? She is a nice person. Her art style and artworks are so "kawaii" (cute) just like her. And she's a COSPLAYER! She also loves anime.

It was the first time that I had a friend who loves to draw. I was longing for an artist friend ever since I was in elementary (when I realized I really love drawing) but

Sunday, October 4, 2015



Looking at them looking at my drawing intently, hahahah! I can't help but took a picture of them. I was even secretly observing them and was EAVESDROPPING. I've heard one young beautiful and rich-looking girl said, "Dili man kaayo ni attractive sa layo unlike sa uban na makita dayon ang focus but kung imo jud tutokan, daghan kay makit-an na detalye." (or something like that)... Nakakatuwa, while looking they were pointing at each character and its reflection on the water... I wonder how they interpreted my drawing. Overall, I'm pleased.

I used to consider my self as a self-proclaimed artist but now, because oft his exhibit,  I feel validated as an artist.

Congrats to my fellow Exhibitor. We are blessed especially to the young artists na at a very young age, you are able to participate in an exhibit! GALING!

"Baglis Hong Agusanon" is an art exhibit from Oct. 3- 9, 2015 at the 2nd level, near Handyman.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


For my beloved Lee Joon Gi, I hope this will cheer him up. I've heard that after his series "Scholar Who Walks the Night", he posted on his twitter that he feels empty. That is what he usually feels every time his project ended, no matter how successful it is. He is a people-pleaser, that's why and you really see that he is doing his best with his acting because he VALUES his fans so much! (Thank you, Joon-gi). That is good but it often lead him to depression because of course, nobody can please everybody.

By the way, Scholar Who Walks the Night is a Korean series aired

Monday, September 21, 2015


EQUILIBRIUM: Life in the Marsh

My official entry for our group's upcoming exhibit entitled "Baglis Hong Agusanon" this September 26, 2015. I'm so excited because it would be my first to participate in an exhibit and showcase my artwork. I'm also inspired to see the artworks of my fellow artists, especially those of the younger ones. 

Friday, August 7, 2015


I spent some time of my childhood in our rice field that's why it has a special place in my heart. It's so refreshing!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I feel so blessed to have personally met and hand over/give my drawing to the 8 World Division Champion, Congressman, Commercial model, actor and singer and a man of God Representative Manny Pacquiao during his "WORD FOR EVERYONE CRUSADE" last July 25, 2015. It was such an honor that I was able to shake hands with him. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I tried drawing this using charcoal pencil and using "grid lines" last night. Using grid is not the drawing guide I'm used to. 

It was a failure.

Since I'm not use to it, I didn't know where to start. I find it very distracting. Yeah, the problem is not the use of grid but me. Haha! I can't work with too many things on my table, much more on the paper itself no matter how equally measured and organized the lines are. I easily get annoyed and impatient. For many artists, grid helps them a lot in making more realistic portrait. If you want to make more precise drawings, use grid! And I want to, really want to, make HYPER-REALISTIC art. I admired many artists who are really good and they're using grid. I want to draw just like them. I want to improve BUT...! Simply put, I still have to get use to it. I must practice more using it because I am well aware that by using grid, regardless of my mood, the quality of my drawing will be consistent.

To make the story short, I ended up flipping another page of my sketchbook. In my frustration, I took my Unipin .4 and drew this as if I don't care. It's not precised, yes, but at least I was able to finish a drawing in 40 minutes!

Monday, July 13, 2015


JASON DY. Oh what can I say!

Yes, I am a fan. There's no point in hiding or denying it. A Certified Dyfender and a proud cousin/relative of Jase. I haven't met him in person though but I feel a connection to him not just because we came from the same clan - the Bokingo Clan - but because of music. I am a singer myself but not as talented and confident as Jason. Oh how I wish I have just a little of his confidence and his dancing moves! (Let me draw! Let me sing! Let me write! But arrgh! Please, oh please, never let me dance! ^ ____^  )

I've been following this guy since I first saw him on The Voice Philippines. I like his voice - simple yet there's something in it that makes the hearers "kilig". If I hadn't learn he is my cousin, I would really fall for him. Proud of him, I spent a lot for load in order to vote! Hahaha! It's not just because he is a relative and a fellow Agusanon; it's not just because he is SUPER NEAT-LOOKING and charming young lad; I believe in his talent.  I really do. I hope

Monday, May 4, 2015


I was overwhelmed when I read in  GUHIT PINAS - AGUSAN that I am the Champion. Here's the post:

Good day GP Agusan Artists!
Here are the lucky winners of the GP Agusan Collaboration Artwork of Cara Delevigne. We the admins as judges decided to chose these winners according to the criteria that follows.

Use charcoal pencil on the artwork.
1. Neatness 30%

2. Accuracy 40%
3. Visual Impact 30%.

With respect to the artworks that were submitted to us, we carefully judge the drawings for us to give a just and reasonable decision.

We chose her artwork as the champion since it displays a great form of neatness and visual impact in accordance to the reference given. It also exhibit an excellent accuracy with the proper details, shading, skin toning, hair strands and the proper contrast of the artwork.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I hope you'll read this.

I kinda feel pity for Floyd Mayweather. Although he won, he didn't receive the applause of the crowd! Surely, even in his victory, people will still continue to criticize him. Will he enjoy winning this fight? I doubt!

I am so proud of you, our champ! Watching you pointing those letters in your shirt which says (if I have read it right) "Jesus is the Name of the Lord" during the beginning of the fight made me so happy! You are really a changed man. You no longer want the honor for yourself but want to glorify God.

Your lost does not disqualify you in honoring the Lord! I believe God is even more please by how humbly you accepted your defeat even though you believe it was you who won. Watching your smile before the fight is so heartwarming! I said to myself, "That's the man who has the joy of the Lord, and that joy will never be shaken or taken away whatever the result!" I was right! Watching you smiling even though you lost! You are a real champion!

So don't be dismayed! I know you were planning to share the goodness of God to Floyd after you won but you lost. And surely, some people will point out changing religion is a contributor to your loss.


Sunday, April 12, 2015


This is my entry for the Collaboration/Art Contest in our group Guhit Pinas - Agusan wherein any member who is interested to join can, and will have to draw a certain reference provided by the group Administrator. For this Collaboration, a photo of Cara Delevigne was chosen as a reference. About 10 members in the group participated.

 I'm still a newbie in the Charcoal pencil medium so

Monday, March 23, 2015


85 % progress
Meet Baby Matthew, my godson. What!? I am already a godparent? Can no longer hide my age! Whew!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Whoever did this horrendous thing must be a monster with strong jaws and fangs! I woke up this morning and stepped on something! I looked down and found out it were my precious erasers shredded into pieces! I picked them up and went back inside my room to look for the pencil case where I put those erasers and was shocked to discover that it was no longer on the table! I remembered I placed it on the table yesterday morning! But it's already gone! I went downstairs looking for the pencil case! Inside it were my kneaded erasers, charcoal pencils and ink pens which I haven't used yet. I bought them from National Bookstore (NBS)-Manila and some from Davao. Those materials were not so easily available where I live that's why I haven't used them yet.

My sister told me she rescued my art materials from our dog last night. She said, "Oh I thought they were JUST pencils!" Ugghh! NO sister! They aren't just pencils! They are my

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Do you know that the word "Koi" in Japanese means LOVE??? This is a snapshot of a painting I'm working on. I am very much fascinated with Koi Fish. 

Monday, March 2, 2015


This guy? He is not world renown but he is so dear to me and I held him so close to my heart. I love him so dearly! 
If you would ask me who has influenced me first in drawing or in art, THIS GUY IS THE CULPRIT! He is my brother, our eldest and one and only big bro! He is 10 years older than me but the age gap was not a hindrance. I was very close to this guy that I thought if he had not told me (a little bit harshly) that day to stop following him, maybe I am now a tomboy. ^_^ I used to tail him whenever and wherever he went. But of course, adolescent stage came, his world widened and maybe at that time already found a girl he liked. It would be a minus to his "macho" figure if his little sister keeps on following him, right? My little heart was crushed and decided to stop following him. Yet, I still adore him, so much! He studied in a trade school during high school. In that school, they were taught drawing, painting, drafting, lettering, and even welding. I saw some of his projects. One was a compilation of his works. I remember he

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


KENSHIN! I love him! Who doesn't? Rurouni Kenshin has been one of my all time favorite anime but when the live action movie came, I fell in love with the character even more and with Takeru Satoh who played it as if he is truly Kenshin, as if the character truly existed; SO WELL that many people has commented and gave their reviews that Takeru Satoh was really indeed born for the role!

About the drawing, I'm glad I still haven't lost my touch in drawing portraits! It's my second time drawing portraits using Faber Castell Colored Pencil (my first was the self-portrait). It didn't came out the way I wanted so it is noticeable by the way I draw the hair and his kimono that I became lazy and kinda frustrated. This is a free hand drawing. Maybe I should try to learn to use grid lines next time I draw for a more precise or accurate portraits. Still have a lot to learn!

Looking at my old drawings like the cats and dogs drawing, for the past ten years, I haven't


My first attempt (using watercolor) was a failure. I got disappointed and frustrated since it started nicely but as I get in my work halfway, the paper was ruined. I really must get my hands on watercolor paper. Sadly, it's not available in my area.

First time to use Faber Castell Colored Pencil in drawing portraits... On sketchbook paper.

Monday, February 23, 2015


I made a portrait of our mayor. I planned on giving it to him for his birthday last June 2014 but was not able to finish it so I stopped. Then I started to work on it again and finished it before Christmas. But the drawing still end up in my hands. I don't have the courage to give it to him personally. He saw it though on my Facebook and he was happy and kinda proud. (He's my uncle, by the way. But we're not close.) 

Medium: Charcoal Pencil


was very frustrated with the result of my drawing. So this is what I look like every time I draw something which does not give me satisfaction. But nah, I don't throw drawings no matter how dissatisfied I am with it. I HOARD them for the sake of my effort and time spent for the drawing.








Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hahahha Got nothing to do... I need to translate this... 

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