Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Stress! How do you cope up with stress? 

Well, everyone has a way of coping with stress. For some, they go shopping or go to salons to feel relax or relieve. Others, they meet with friends and have some girl/boy talk: ventilating their thoughts and emotions. Still others, like me, are into arts. I would assume that since you are reading this post, you are into arts too to deal with stress. 

Do you mind if I ask what are the things that are stressing you out? Is it your work? Could be. Possibly, a complicated love relationship? Or maybe some members of your family? But, one thing I learn from the training (Psychosocial Process Training) that I am currently attending, WE, yes, we ourselves could be the stressor of ourselves. 


One thing is demanding too much from ourselves. Our expectation from ourselves is beyond our skills, abilities and intelligence. Another thing also is our way of thinking. Like in how we perceive or understand the other person's words and actions.


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