Tuesday, August 13, 2013


*Start* I was in a familiar place. I saw familiar faces. But the one I really longed to see was not around. I roamed my gaze at the people surrounding me hoping he is around and then I saw this one man, face down,  looked up and then there he was -  the one I miss and wanted to meet again after some time. And then I woke up. *End*

That was crazy. I woke up still having the gushy feelings from my dream. It seems my face was flustered and I was blushing. ^_^ I loved him.

I was sketching and drawing this and decided to draw the hair like that which reminded me of someone I know. Which means, that's why I dreamed of him. But oh I really wish it was real. T__T

Why is it that most of the time, we only realized the importance of the person in our lives only when they are gone??? I realized that I loved him too late. (He's not dead. Haha... )

Anyway, as promised, I colored the lineart with REEVES Watercolor. (Above is the scanned version of the drawing. Below are only pictures of the drawing

Monday, August 12, 2013



I feel a burning sensation in my heart whenever I see great art. Truly inspiring! It just show that art really is my passion. T____T

Anyway, here's to the first Featured Artist. *Clap clap* I believe she truly deserves to be the first artist to be featured here. I so love her art. So, child-friendly? Gosh, I'm out of words. I can't really express how amazed I was when I discovered her blog through Google search. When I saw her artworks, I told myself "Hey, I think its already time to do some feature post!" 

And yeah, here are some artworks from her blog http://nnayam.blogspot.com and her website http://www.mayannlicudine.com

*Note: And she loves cat too!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


To be honest, this is just as a Filler post but I do hope that people will understand just like how anime enthusiasts and otakus understand the so many filler scenes of some anime series they love... 

Another walk-through of my art work for the last few years... 


I was able to visit the beautiful city of Metro Davao last August 10, 2013. My sole purpose was really to buy my most coveted item since I learned of its existence! A graphic tablet!

Finally, I got my Wacom Bamboo Fun (Pen and Touch) and I got to immediately try it with one of my lineart. Hmmm. I still got so many things to discover and I'm having great fun.

Bamboo, I love you! By the way, why is it called Bamboo? Need to do some research... 

Here's some coloring I did last night... Hopefully, when my hands get use to it, I'll get better.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I so love cats and dogs. They are so adorable. And when I adore some thing, it makes me really inspired to draw. It all started with the 100 Theme Challenge I did with my friend and of the theme was to draw cats and dog. I looked for reference and then voila! I saw an old calendar with pictures of cats and dogs and I feel in love with them. 


The following are some of my old portrait drawings when I was younger and still got many time to spare. As you can see in the drawing (it shows), I still have less knowledge about different media. During College, my financial resources were also limited that the only medium that I can afford was a regular pencil used by Elementary pupils!

Now, walk through how I draw for the past 8 years... I feel really nostalgic. ^_^


I think this is my first portrait drawing. This guy, Hero Angeles,  is a winner of the talent search contest called STAR CIRCLE QUEST. 

My personal criticism: 
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