Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Most of my artworks were products of boredom! And the most available medium is a ballpen... Thank you my dear cheap ballpen!

I so love the Korean series Queen Seon Deok and one of my favorite character was Bidam played by the very handsome and manly Kim Nam-gil... I hope he is already back from the military service so that he'll have more series and movies that I'll surely watch. ^__^


KUDOS to these three (3) young ones.

Caught these young lads and ladies doodling something on their notes during the Youth Congress... I am still amazed at the doodles they made. They were quiet good at their age. I wish I took some pictures of their works to post it here also.

[I was one of the facilitator of that activity and what was I doing also? I was also doodling them! ^___^ ]

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Meet my officemate France who asked me to draw him...  

Using the mouse is kinda hard... but I'm the persistent kind ^__^ 
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